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Derwick Associates Venezuela

Derwick Associates
Derwick Associates

Welcome to Derwick Associates

Here at Derwick Associates de Venezuela, we are proud of the service that we provide for our customers. Our team is made up of dedicated professionals and project managers who strive hard to meet the highest demands.

Our hard working CEO Alejandro Betancourt Lopez and VP Pedro Trebbau Lopez created the company to help with the crisis currently affecting Venezuala – the lack of sustainable energy. To try and help with this, they began the creation of their power plants, which bring energy to millions of homes all over the country.

Derwick Associates specialises in installing power plants across the country, but we also supply equipment for other energy plants across Venezuela. Over the past few years, we have won several contracts for supplying equipment, as well as building the plants.

We don’t do things by halves, and once we take a project on, we are completely involved from the beginning to the end. From the engineering, procurement and design, all the way through to the build, installation and commissioning. Once everything is complete, we also oversee the operation and maintenance of all of our power plants.

We pride ourselves in also being a company who makes a positive sociological and ecological impact. We want to counteract any negative emissions our plants may give out, by ensuring that our energy footprint is balanced. Do to this, we created The Foundation Hermogenes Lopez which creates projects such as working with schools to improve education close to our plants, as well as encouraging being active and sports. We also have set up workshops to improve job education locally, as well as our work.

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